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Broker Growth With Automated Software

Our fully automated marketing platform is designed with financial service professionals in mind. While we don’t crunch numbers or manage portfolios, our done-for-you marketing strategies will help you grow your financial service business. 

Take control of your digital marketing needs with our comprehensive state-of-the-art software. Automated Financial Services Marketing is the only true automated marketing solution tailored explicitly for professionals in the finance industry.

Finalcial Advisor

What AFSM Does For You

We create ready-made promotional materials and complete marketing strategies that help financial service professionals provide valuable and consistent messaging to their audience.

It's been proven that sharing industry-relevant information with your current and potential customers adds validity to your brand and drives profitable action.


So that's where we focus our efforts in order to help you stand out as a financial advisor.


We've created a growing library of professionally written and designed marketing campaigns that allow your communities to recognize you as the expert that you are.


How Our Automated Software Helps You

In the world of marketing, we specialize in “multi-touch marketing.” This strategy allows you to deliver a multitude of messages in multiple formats all at once.

Our unique software replaces the need for any of the following:

An email marketing system

An event registration page

A lead page generator

A social media scheduling service

Freelance copywriters and designers

Text messaging systems

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Ready to see how it works?

Market your numbers know-how with Automated Financial Services Marketing!

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